Ancient transistor ?computer board (Peter Van Peborgh)

Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at
Thu Jun 18 20:22:38 CDT 2020

Remember buying boards like that at electronics surplus places in 
late 60's but never knew where they came from.  Just used them as a 
cheap source of parts.  Also suspect the black boxes are pulse 
transformers although all of the pulse transformers I pulled off 
boards were circular.  Never thought much then about where they came 
from and just got ones with most transistors and diodes on them so 
could make DTL logic gates from them.  Think a board like that might 
have gone for $1-2 back then which was way cheaper than buying new 
transistors and diodes in those days and TTL IC's were ridiculously 
expensive then.

Boris Gimbarzevsky

>OK, now here are some pics that should be available to everybody. I hope.
>Smells of (early) 1960s transistorized.
>No helpful marking apart from
>*       "GATE JJ01" on SIDE A. (components).
>*       "C NT OL DATA" on side B (solder traces).
>Big transistors are Motorola "180376008". Also, any ideas what the "246 636
>B" boxes are, they have four legs?
>A curse on TinyURL and praise to Camiel Vanderhoven.

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