Ancient transistor ?computer board (Peter Van Peborgh)

Peter Van Peborgh peter at
Thu Jun 18 04:31:45 CDT 2020

Sorry guys about the unusable tera-URLs.

To reiterate, I have acquired this board and have trouble assigning it to a
particular computer manufacturer and type: 

Try this for the photos:

Smells of (early) 1960s transistorized. 
No helpful marking apart from 
*	"GATE JJ01" on SIDE A. (components).
*	"C NT OL DATA" on side B (solder traces).

Big transistors are Motorola "180376008". Also, any ideas what the "246 636
B" boxes are, they have four legs?

Can any of you of mature years suggest anything? 

Many thanks, ( praise be to TinyURL),


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