Future of cctalk/cctech

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Wed Jun 17 17:46:55 CDT 2020

I'd be happy to host the list at firemountain.net, where a Mailman 2.X
instance has been happily running a few dozen public and private lists for
15-ish years (majordomo before that) (homebrew scripts before that).
No charge, no ads.

If the archives are available in mbox format (or something that can
be massaged into mbox format) I can import all of those.

I would also suggest that -- to future-proof this -- that multiple
people stash those archives and stash future archives as they accrue.
Given archives and a subscriber list, a mailing list can be reconstituted

Merging lists: if the consensus is that it should be done, I can
do that.  (Whether that means the subscriber lists, the archives, or both.)

Attachments: that's also do-able if consensus indicates but I recommend
that they be limited to open formats, because delivering messages with
proprietary attachments is a quagmire even if all the recipients want
them. (long explanation omitted)  Many years of experience indicate
that doing this and imposing a soft large-but-finite maximum message
size facilitates communication without overwhelming people.

And since someone will ask: I use mutt.


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