"Modern" computer science (Was: MUA again [was: Future of cctalk/cctech]

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Wed Jun 17 15:11:39 CDT 2020

>> Use modern email program that sees expanded char. Sets and
>> graphics.... it is a brand new world !    I love old hardware to
>> look at but if communicating  I like  the ability to see graphical 
>> things...  and I think tell majority of people like  images of
>> things......   Ed#

On Wed, 17 Jun 2020, Tomasz Rola via cctalk wrote:
> In case of graphical MUA with graphical messages in them, I am of
> opinion they open doors to various things and the majority happily
> sees nothing.
> Besides, once the html or any other non-pure text format takes over,
> everybody will be receiving messages sized in megabytes if not worse,
> whose human-readable content would be only few lines of text. Just
> like modern web.

Those few lines of text might only be human-readable after OCR processing.

College administrators:
At the college, we had one administrator who insisted that compliance with 
the state mandates for community college curricula of "computer literacy" 
and "information competency" were already met.

He wrote a two line memo announcing a room change for a meeting.
He did it in a "feature rich" word processor,
then he printed it on a color printer,
then he scanned that piece of paper,
and then he attached that scanned graphic image to an email
with SUBJECT: "For your information",
and message text of "See the attachment".

He vetoed my proposal to create a beginning course in Information Science, 
on the grounds that one of the local universities taught something that he 
considered to be the same, as a GRADUATE course, and "therefore, it would 
be ILLEGAL for the community college to teach it."

One of our COBOL teachers got a gig at one of the local universities, and 
COPIED OUR COBOL class (the authors of the textbook, Jack Olson and Wil 
Price, were in our faculty) to be taught in the graduate school there. 
Our administrator said that it would be ILLEGAL for us to continue 
teaching it!


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