IBM 3174 screen controllers UK

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at
Wed Jun 17 06:10:51 CDT 2020




I think I now have too many 3174 controllers. I have 


1 x Rack Mount - Token Ring Card + MFM Disk Emulator

1 x Large Tabletop - Token Card

1 x Large Tabletop - Ethernet Card <=> I am keeping this.

1 x Small Tabletop - Token Ring card but won't run TCPIP code.


If anyone wants one of these I am happy to ship at cost but they are
220/240v and heavy so shipping to USA may be a problem. 

I have a selection of floppy drives that can be fitted but I recommend using
a Gotek with FlashFloppy firmware.

I also have the following spares:-


1.	working PSU for rack mount
2.	non-working PSU for the rackmount systems but I am sure it can be
3.	spare motherboard for rackmount
4.	spare token ring card (if I can find it)
5.	(I may have memory modules but can't remember where I put them
6.	I think I have a 3299 multiplexor some where


Feel free to e-mail off-list with questions.


Dave Wade





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