Ancient transistor ?computer board

Doug Jackson doug at
Tue Jun 16 18:41:10 CDT 2020

Ahhhhh... I suspect it's an example of modern web apps being excessive.

That URL was likely only active during the session that the user was active
within.  When the session went away so did the URL.

It's longer than the information content of the universe to stop it from
being accessed by somebody else intentionally during a session by brute

I love the modern internet.  It's apollo obfuscated.

On Wed, 17 Jun. 2020, 6:15 am Chuck Guzis via cctalk, <cctalk at>

> On 6/16/20 12:29 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> >
> > Q: Is that link adequate to unambiguously identify any specific location
> > within any sub-atomic particle in the universe?  (such as far more
> > detail than is required for the PHYSICAL LOCATION of the start of the
> > file??)
> Well, let's do some spitballing here.
> There are estimated to be around 10^80 atoms in the known, observable
> universe, which is about 34 8-bit bytes worth.   So we could have a
> unique number for each atom in the universe in only 34 bytes.
> In that light, the URL *does* seem to be a bit excessive.
> --Chuck

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