Ancient transistor ?computer board

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Tue Jun 16 15:08:12 CDT 2020

Given that the encoding of the address is likely radix-64, and there are 717 characters from the '.com/' to '?authuser=0', the resulting address 'space' would be 10^1295... and the number of particles in the observable universe is estimated to be 10^80 to 10^90, depending on whether photons are counted... 
So the address given would need to be for a meta-universe of meta-universes... of universes. 
Which would make the server that needed such an address either multidimensional or incomprehensibly big. 
I suspect that response time on such a server would be challenging, given the constraint of the speed of light. 
In fact, attempting to load a web-page from the server would involved waiting until the heat-death of the meta-universe of meta-universes... of universes. 

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>> KRAXW8xOTOPyxXx0xrcPifO49ni2SFYIkZgTb9d4gzvJaM8ugEb-jqHlc7uqHz5glwe4PfoN838w 
>> zMozr43veZSNHRTm9IMfON-w7xvbVufJpa_MzhuaTlKf9pvVcRIuxfhG4pMeVq7K6phhHpsKPfG5 
>> h4BRgDSimCE8mToI35IWS3Ty8j01-6bibKH_kB-t35aIdkv7JIC-YZ1sDoguSdyk8h1xbM2d9i_U 
>> LFQYVC0oCHESgEGdqzGO3ntgwmV4khjgaQkcp2Bk-TuC7Nwrl57JI=w654-h871-no?authuser= 
>> 0 

On Tue, 16 Jun 2020, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote: 
> Um. Gosh. 
> Yeah, you are going to need to use a URL shortener. is pretty 
> good as it lets you create your own memorable links. 

Q: Is that link adequate to unambiguously identify any specific location 
within any sub-atomic particle in the universe? (such as far more 
detail than is required for the PHYSICAL LOCATION of the start of the file??) 

OTOH, when will we have a compression for which that is adequate for the 
content of the file? 

Are there any browsers with a small enough buffer for the URL (and poor 
enough input checking) for which pasting the above could be a buffer 
overflow exploit? 

Or, is the above link an offset within the digits of PI to a location that 
matches the content of the file? 

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