Unknown Intel blinkenlight panel circa 1973

Rick Bensene rickb at bensene.com
Mon Jun 15 21:41:02 CDT 2020

Josh R. wrote:

> I recently bought a mystery blinkenlight panel. Closer inspection reveals it was manufactured by Intel in the early 70’s (1973), and some people on the book of faces suggested it was part of a “device 
> multiplexer”(?)

> I’m hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on this mystery.

I suspect from looking it over, and given that Intel's early business was primarily random access static and dynamic memory ICs, that this was the console of some kind of memory test system.

I don't know for sure, though, it's just a guess.  
I took the upside down image, flipped it, and did some image enhancement on it to make out the legends on the indicators and switches.  Based on what I see, my suspicion seems plausible.

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Museum

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