Amiga Vendors?

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Sat Jun 13 16:05:25 CDT 2020

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>> I found in the UK, are there any Amiga vendors left in the US?  I need to order some parts, and not only do I not remember who I used to use in the US, I assume they’re gone.
>> Zane
>  I haven't dealt with them but there's Amiga On The Lake - a *new* Amiga vendor:

I ran across them after I placed an order with AmigaKit (waiting impatiently for them to ship).  They have a couple interesting items, but not really what I’m after.

>  There's a ton of reverse-engineering going on in the Amiga world. There are new-production motherboard PCBs for the A500+, A1200, A2000 and A4000D.  Plus, for the A3000 and A4000 there are "enhanced” versions

There is also a replacement for the A1200 & late model A500 keyboard PCB membrane, that looks really cool.

> a Re-Amiga 3000 with SMD passives and SIMM sockets instead of ZIP/CHIP

I’ve seen this, I didn’t realize it changed out the sockets for SIMM’s.  My main A3000 has the Zipchip-to-SIMM adapter board in it.

> the "AA3000+" which is a full rework, including daughterboard with optional PCI

WOW!!!  That’s seriously cool looking.

> The A4000TX which is a more mildly enhanced A4000 in micro-ATX form factor.


Both these are pretty cool, I just wish they were available already populated!  I’m definitely not setup to do micro-miniature work, and I don’t even claim to come close to having that level of skill.

> The A3640, reborn as A2640/A3660

This one is seriously tempted.  I’m not 100% sure my main A3000 can take one of these.  It’s been ~20 years since I was up on all of this.

> Plus a new-design CPLD based A2000 flicker-fixer that's actually affordable.
>  Most of those are Open Hardware, and all of them are available as Amibay as group buys or straight-up For Sale, or on Tindie.
>  Free-ish CAD and design software has been very very good to the Amiga community.

It’s definitely interesting and exciting to see what’s available out there.  Right now I’m simply trying to do some pretty basic work on getting things up and running.  Back when I was actively using my Amiga’s, my main A3000 and the A500 were the two systems I used.  I still can’t believe I have a working A1200, and never realized that it was only the TV out that was dead.  The A600 was less interesting then, oddly enough, due to its size, it’s more interesting now, despite the dinky keyboard.

I’m *still* trying to find all my floppies, and all my floppy cleaning kits.  Pretty much everything else, except that and SCSI cables have been dug out.


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