Amiga Vendors?

Doc Shipley doc at
Sat Jun 13 12:03:21 CDT 2020

On 6/10/20 11:05 AM, Zane Healy via cctalk wrote:
> I found in the UK, are there any Amiga vendors left in the US?  I need to order some parts, and not only do I not remember who I used to use in the US, I assume they’re gone.
> Zane

   I haven't dealt with them but there's Amiga On The Lake - a *new* 
Amiga vendor:

   There's a ton of reverse-engineering going on in the Amiga world. 
There are new-production motherboard PCBs for the A500+, A1200, A2000 
and A4000D.  Plus, for the A3000 and A4000 there are "enhanced" versions

a Re-Amiga 3000 with SMD passives and SIMM sockets instead of ZIP/CHIP

the "AA3000+" which is a full rework, including daughterboard with 
optional PCI

The A4000TX which is a more mildly enhanced A4000 in micro-ATX form factor.

The A3640, reborn as A2640/A3660

Plus a new-design CPLD based A2000 flicker-fixer that's actually affordable.

   Most of those are Open Hardware, and all of them are available as 
Amibay as group buys or straight-up For Sale, or on Tindie.

   Free-ish CAD and design software has been very very good to the Amiga 


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