Amiga Vendors?

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Thu Jun 11 09:03:42 CDT 2020

On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 at 14:45, David Brownlee <abs at> wrote:
> The big issue with the Hydra was its lack of cache coherency between
> processors, which made conventional SMP somewhat... challenging. You
> could do very cool multiprocessor stuff with it, just not in a
> conventional SMP capable OS (I remember talking to someone trying to
> use it under NetBSD at the time :)

Oh my word!

It reminds me of the late-generation MacOS-license-programme
multiprocessor Mac clones such as the Daystar Genesis MP:

A multiprocessor machine dedicated solely to running a
single-processor OS... so that the extra CPUs could only be used by a
handful of specialised apps, such as image filters.

I think the Mac clones were basically designed to run a couple of
specific Adobe Photoshop filters very very fast and basically nothing

The chap that wrote the wonderful XPostFacto tool that got early
versions of Mac OS X running on old, unsupported models of Mac did get
OS X booting on some of the clones, but only on 1 CPU. It's a pity --
a maxed-out 4-CPU MP might have been a rather nice box for running
MacOS 10.2 or 10.3 on.

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