Ever seen a Cromemco Cyclops in the wild?

William Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at verizon.net
Wed Jun 10 10:20:20 CDT 2020

Hi Tim,

No problem.  I'll use this as an excuse to put a want ad in cctalk:

I have a working example of everything in the August 1976 Cromemco
catalog EXCEPT the EXC-2 extender board on the back cover.  I would
really like to complete this little "sub-collection" of mine.  Consequently,
I would probably pay a lot more for one in good shape than it's really
worth (after all, it's just a passive extender board).  Just sayin'

Bill Sudbrink

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Bill, thanks in particular for the reference to the August 1976 Cromemco
catalog. I definitely remember the Dazzler graphics on the cover but somehow
had lost memory of the camera on the second to last page.


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