Restarting Old Amiga's

Zane Healy healyzh at
Tue Jun 9 12:16:18 CDT 2020

Looks like my Commodore 2002 monitor needs work.  It’s not powering on.  However, a monitor that is about the same (says Amiga on the front), seems to more or less work.  

The A500 (KS1.2) and A600HD (KS2.0) both complain they need a boot disk.  One slight problem, I have no idea where any of my Amiga floppies are.

Thankfully the Gotek I have was purchased pre-flashed with the old Cortex firmware, and as a result I was able to boot my A600HD before calling it a day last night.  Figuring out how to use the Gotek proved to be an interesting experience, as either my google-fu is faulty, or information online is pretty spotty.  Once I got it going, it seemed to work fine.  The A600 is going to take a lot of work, and it looks like a couple parts to get it fully up and running.  Since it’s a A600HD, I’d like some sort of HD in there.


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