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Mon Jun 8 17:37:26 CDT 2020

On 08/06/2020 20:49, ben via cctalk wrote:
> But speed is relative. They changed computers where I was studing
> electronics from a IBM-1130 to a VAX (something) in 1982.
> I could use the IBM but the not VAX because they would have too
> many users if that division had access to the VAX, and the
> electonics section had PDP8 computers anyway.
> So I suspect any VAX with one user would be faster than REAL
> world machines in 1980's.

All my VAXes are now single user and quite likely to remain that way :-)

Maybe if I ever get a house with a very large basement or very large 
outbuildings that can act as a computer room, then that might change.

But for now, my VAXstation 4000 M9x is faster than almost all of my 
other VAXes (not counting SIMH).


Antonio Carlini
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