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> > Good PDF copies of the three can be found at though.
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> There are three sets of scans of some editions.
> I'm looking for a photographic ad placed by ACP (Advanced Computer
> Products).  It's supposed to be back cover or inside back cover (I've
> also looked inside the front).
> There's an ad similar to the Jameco, Jade, etc with all the components
> and crap, but for a while, they took out a second ad.
> I've looked at a lot of these again, looking for the ad.
> The photo is of the ACP Swapmeet going full tilt.  If you look at the
> person in the very center looking at the camera, that's me. Would love a
> copy.
> Photo was by Dave Freeman, who is still a fantastic photographer.
> I've checked with Tom and Dave Freeman, and they remember it, but not
> the when.
> I guessed it was around the time of the fight with Apple over mail order
> sales (which resulted in a lawsuit, which ACP lost).  They did move to a
> dual full page ad, a couple pages inside the back, which is a premium
> spot, but I didn't find any second ad or anything on the back cover.
> thanks
> Jim

I have a complete set of the Byte magazines (and Kilobaud, Dr. Dobbs, Radio
Electronics, Micro, 6502 Journal...), if you can't find what you're looking
for online I can scan it for you, but I need to know the year/volume/page.
Bill Degnan

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