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On 6/4/2020 8:09 AM, Tor Arntsen via cctalk wrote:
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> Good PDF copies of the three can be found at though.
There are three sets of scans of some editions.

I'm looking for a photographic ad placed by ACP (Advanced Computer 
Products).  It's supposed to be back cover or inside back cover (I've 
also looked inside the front).

There's an ad similar to the Jameco, Jade, etc with all the components 
and crap, but for a while, they took out a second ad.

I've looked at a lot of these again, looking for the ad.

The photo is of the ACP Swapmeet going full tilt.  If you look at the 
person in the very center looking at the camera, that's me. Would love a 

Photo was by Dave Freeman, who is still a fantastic photographer.

I've checked with Tom and Dave Freeman, and they remember it, but not 
the when.

I guessed it was around the time of the fight with Apple over mail order 
sales (which resulted in a lawsuit, which ACP lost).  They did move to a 
dual full page ad, a couple pages inside the back, which is a premium 
spot, but I didn't find any second ad or anything on the back cover.


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