intellec MDS80 on eBay

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Tue Jun 2 17:22:33 CDT 2020

I take it back, there are not the typical two card intel disk controller. I don't see what is the controller. I was the ribbon cable but realize now that was the ICE interface.
I suspect the card near the bottom of the picture is the controller. It likely still had ISIS software to run the ICE boards but it likely wasn't a compatible disk controller. They'd need to write a BIOS for it as I doubt there is any after market disk controllers that match the original Intel boards.

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The drives don't look like a standard box but are likely fine as it has the two card controller on the card cage.
The drives are still likely SA800s.

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I assume this are not the standard Intel floppy drives?
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I just wanted to drop an email that there's a MDS 80 on eBay:

(Please note: The seller, Michael, is a friend of mine, and a former



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