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Thu Jul 23 16:50:11 CDT 2020

On 7/23/20 11:24 AM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> Is there a reason why he answered the OS, but not what the system was?

Having interacted with @bmoshix, I'm taking his "mainframe" answer to 
mean that it's probably either (one of) his zPDT / RDz (IBM's answer to 
Hercule) -or- one of the physical mainframes that he has access to / 
time on.  I'm now sort of betting that it's Linux running in an LPAR or 
as a z/VM guest.

You can probably glean more information about the mainframes that 
@bmoshix owns and / or has access to by watching his videos on YouTube.

> What sort of mainframe would somebody be ashamed of?

I doubt that he's ashamed of it in any way.

> Most of us would be proud of ownership of ANY brand or model of mainframe.


> Q: What is the definition of mainframe?
> Lose a scope in it?
> Need a forklift and a union moving crew?

Something you buy from IBM?  ;-)

I'm going to say something that runs a mainframe OS.

This includes IBM's zPDT & RDz which are software emulators.  It also 
includes a P/390-E, et al., card that has a physical S/390 processor.

I bet that Hercules qualifies here too.  But that's an /emulated/ 
mainframe.  Much like zPDT & RDz.

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