About to dump a bunch of Compaq SCSI disk caddies (and disks)

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Tue Jul 7 16:30:39 CDT 2020

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> On 7/3/20 3:24 AM, Johan Helsingius via cctalk wrote:
>> Hi!
> Hi,
>> I have a box full of Compaq SCSI server disk caddies (with 9.1G 
>> disks in them). Feels silly to dump them into e-waste recycling, 
>> but there probably isn't much point in shipping them very far either 
>> (I am in Amsterdam).
> /Which/ caddie are they?  Can we see a picture of them?  Both the front 
> visible from outside of the system and the connector(s).
> I'm aware of two major families of caddies (near) that time.  The older 
> type with the drive on a sled with a card edge connector, and the newer 
> type with a frame that clams around the drive (these may have only been 
> SCA).  I believe the older card edge type used 68-pin UW, 50-pin 
> SCSI-II, and maybe SCA connectors.  I think the old card edge type also 
> came in 1/2 height and 1/3 height.  (It might have been the same sled 
> with different lids.
> I suspect that there may be an interested party or three in the sleds. 
> Depending on the health of the drives, there may be interested parties 
> for them too.
> If I needed one of those drives, I'd be willing to pay $1 / GB plus 
> shipping and handling if they were known to be good.  (If I needed them) 
> I would buy them sight unseen if you ran SpinRite level 2 on the drives 
> and said they passed.
> -- 
> Grant. . . .
> unix || die

I've got a bunch of 18GB SCA drives like this on the other side of the pond (Toronto) and have been meaning for several years now to set up a box to test them; did actually test one with an 80<>68 pin adapter and it worked, but in the meantime seem to have misplaced the system I used...

Any interest to make it worth while?


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