About to dump a bunch of Compaq SCSI disk caddies (and disks)

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> > Flebay is quite overpriced, sadly ( personal opinion anyway, from the
> > point of view of someone that's now looking at finding a thing since
> > months and is fixated about a real price vs an enflated one

There are several types of EBay seller of vintage equipment. For things like these COMPAQ sleds there are people who are hoping a big business needs one for something critical that can't easily be upgraded.
These people put premium prices on the kit and then don't seem to care if they sell them. So you see server bits like these drive sleds at what we think are silly prices. 
But if some one needs one they may buy because its cheaper that any other fix......

.. Then there are the folks who sell off-platform, put it on E-Bay at a silly price, then sell it on their own site advertising 50% off the E-bay price....

.. Those who put something on at a silly price because some one else has it on at a silly price and they think its worth that, and they don't sell....

.. But my favourites are those who list something a £1.00 hoping it will reach a decent value. If its popular it will....

Its not E-Bay that’s expensive, its sellers that are greedy...

> I often hear comments like this, but I don't really understand them.
> People pay what they are willing to pay. It is not like Amazon where bots
> watch other bots and raise the prices of rare books in a spiral anti-bidding-
> war.
> Sure, they are places where, as a buyer, you may find bargains -- but as a
> seller, what is the appeal of selling somewhere that will make you less
> money?
> eBay is easy, it works worldwide (or as nearly as anyone does), the seller
> fees are low, and it has a large catchment audience. I have sold a lot of stuff
> there, and bought some too. It does the job.
> I often see people on here saying go to some obscure website or other
> instead, but most of those are US-based. I am not in the USA and don't want
> to be.
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