Location of ARPANET Protocol Handbook or its successor, online

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Jul 3 09:21:42 CDT 2020

    > From: Will Senn

    > I know some of y'all were there (Noel)

I'm you're huckleberry (sort of; I didn't work on building the ARPANet, but I
built a number of boxes which were attached to it, later).

    > I'm looking for the ARPANET Protocol Handbook

I have a hardcopy; the January 1978 version. (No, I can't scan it; it's
bound and 1/5" thick, and I don't wish to dwestroy it to scan it - but
see below).

    > by Feinler, E. and Postel, J.

They were just the editors; most of the content was written by others.

It contains a whole raft of individual documents, most of them RFCs, and some
"NIC"s - similar documents available through the NIC, but generally only in
hardcopy form (like the earliest RFCs).

Many of the most important non-RFC ones are available here:


at the bottom of the page.

I will create a page which lists the contents of the APH, since I
gather it doesn't seem to be online. I'll email the list with the URL
once I get it up.

Any that are important, and not otherwise available online, I can scan; I've
done one (NIC 29588) in the past.

    > If it's been superceded and the successor is available

There were _successor_ documents, like the IPH, but they covered entirely
different material. There likely was more then one version of the APH, as
inididual documents in it were added/modified; I have no confirmatorion
on that, though.


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