World's most frustrating FTGH giveaway - Palm Pilot box

Tapley, Mark B. mark.tapley at
Sat Feb 29 11:32:10 CST 2020

Next to go is a box in which a Palm Pilot was originally sold.

The box is in great shape, shrink-wrap intact except where it was sliced just enough to open the top.
The manual is in great shape.
The registration card is in great shape.
The order receipt is in great shape, name of original owner mis-spelled but otherwise apparently correct.
The accessories catalog is in great shape.
The software on 3 each 3.5” floppies and on CD appears to be in great shape (not test-read yet).
The Now Sync accessory software, on 2 more 3.5” floppies, appears to be in great shape.
The leatherette protector is in great shape, with its foam insert still inside keeping it shaped for the Palm Pilot.
The DE-9 to DB-25 serial port adaptor is in great shape.
For Pete’s sake, the screen protector that peeled off the Palm Pilot screen is in great shape,
lovingly tucked into the manual.

You have probably noticed what is missing.
There are no electronics included.
No Palm Pilot, no charging/syncing cradle.

You probably want this if you picked up the Palm Pilot at ShopGoodwill somewhere, want to re-create that 1997 “first on the block with a personal digital accessory” feeling and really enjoy going through the accessory paperwork.

(but I think that is a different model).

Free to a Good Home, preferably one with an actual Palm Pilot. Shipping will be from San Antonio TX, 78254. If as I suspect, nobody interested, headed to the trash. Standard rules, I’ll wait for a week or so, ship to the sender of the first email in my in-box or to Al K if he emails before I ship.

                                        - Mark
                                        210-522-6025 office
                                        210-379-4635 cell

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