Mac Performa 6214CD FTGH from San Antonio, TX

Tapley, Mark B. mark.tapley at
Sat Feb 29 11:32:03 CST 2020

Next to go is a home-office setup.

Mac Performa 6214CD, PowerPC CPU, 3.5” floppy and CD drive on front face
Apple Extended Keyboard II (NO ADB CABLE)
Apple Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II (round)
Apple Multiple Scan 15 Display (matching, includes cable)
APS external SCSI hard drive enclosure and cable (Centronix on the hard drive end, DB-25 on the Mac end)
Epson Stylus Color 740 ink-jet printer with a spare (unopened) cartridge
UMAX Astra 1220S flat-bed SCSI scanner (NO CABLE - DB-25 connector)

Pile of accompanying software including at least:

Now Up-To-Date and Contact
Sad Macs, Bombs and disasters
Retrospect Backup
Astra Scanner Driver

All Free to a Good Home.
You want this if:

a) you can afford shipping or pickup from San Antonio, TX, 78254, and
b) 15 years after “Take this job and shove it” came out you finally acted on it, quit your job and set up your own home office and accounting business, and now you want to relive your glory days.

All items working when decommissioned, about 15 years back. Fred’s ingenious guarantee (“Guaranteed not to work, double your money back if it does work”) applies. Please, please, please take this as a group, I really don’t want to split it up. If I locate the missing ADB or DB25 SCSI cables in time, I’ll include them, but I’ll double the price :-).
FWIW, this was a companion of the Palm Pilot in my other post.
                                        - Mark
                                        210-522-6025 office
                                        210-379-4635 cell

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