52-pin D-Sub?

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Thu Feb 27 18:51:27 CST 2020

On Thu, 27 Feb 2020, Paul Koning via cctalk wrote:
> No idea.  I just got a new L-Com catalog, which has a large section of "D-Sub" connectors and cables.  It lists the following sizes:
> 2-row: 9, 15, 25, 37, 50 pin
> 3-row: 15, 26, 44, 62, 78 pin
> So 52 pins is halfway between two standard sizes.  For some definition 
> of "standard", of course.  2-row 9, 15, and 25 pin are common, 37 is for 
> RS-422 if I remember right but I haven't seen it in ages.

A trivial data point:
DC-37 was used by PC (5150), XT (5160) for external floppy drive,
Used a lot of those, especially for tape drives and infrequently used 
drives, such as 3.25" and 3", 720K 5.25", 100tpi 5.25", 67.5 tpi 3.5", 
also used even by IBM on some add-on external floppies for some PS/2s.

DC-37 was also on the externally-controlled Canon CX printer engines, so I 
had some cables and even switchboxes for those. 
(Cordata/CoronaDataSystems, Eiconscript (both HP and Postscript 
emulation!), JLaser, etc.)
Anybody have any interest in those?

The Amiga used a couple of D23 connectors.  I cut up some DB25s when I 
needed them.

>  -- as many people here know, the common 9-pin 
> serial connector is not actually a "DB-9" connector but rather a DE-9.

When I had a lot of DB25 cables on hand, I had a few that only had pins in 
place in positions 1-8 and 20.  Would those 9 pins make it a "DB-9"?  :-)

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