G15 Drum Followup

Barry Hills barry at csguy.org
Wed Feb 26 13:18:24 CST 2020

Thanks for all the replies to my original post.  

I sold the heads separately along with a set of replacement cards and the remote display for $400.

From It’s operational days I know one of my drum’s long channels (not a register) is bad.  The coating “looks” ok but it’s been exposed (indoors) for decades with ample touching etc but there are no dents or scratches other than the bad channel.   As some have said it “seems” like a durable coating but I have no idea if it would work.  I read somewhere there are 2 timing tracks put down at the factory.  I have my doubts about this info (I thought the timing circuit laid down the reference tracks in the final stage of power up) but if true I would not expect my drum to work.  I have the drum connected to a small motor and belt to spin it (slowly) for demo purposes.

Anybody know what non-magnetic metal forms the drum?  Stainless?  Nickel?



original post:

> Does anyone have an idea as to the value of a Bendix G15 Drum?  Its time to pass mine to another caring collector who would appreciate it but I am not sure how of its value.  Obviously it is rare but the market demand is unclear to me.

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