Images of -11/24 in 10-1/2 box

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Feb 19 12:28:06 CST 2020

Does anyone have an -11/24 in a BA11-A 10-1/2" mounting box? If so, I'd love
some images of the internals, if possible!

I ask because the BA11-A doesn't use the usual MATE-N-LOC connector for
sending power to the CPU; instead it has bus bars, and in the -11/44 (the
usual denizen of this box), the KD11-Z CPU backplane has a Flexprint cable
which bolts to those, to carry the power.

The thing is that the -11/24 backplane uses the usual MATE-N-LOC connectors;
to run an -11/24 in that box (the manuals says that's the standard 10-1/2 box
for it) the prints show a special adapter plate: that's what I'd like to
get images of.

If anyone has a spare adapter plate, that would be even better; I'd love to
buy/trade it, if so. (I'm interested in running an -11/24 in the BA11-A since
in a BA11-L 5-1/4" box, the limited +5VB severely limits the amount of memory
one can have.)


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