Chris Zach cz at
Wed Feb 19 03:45:43 CST 2020

Hm. I have the bulkhead 25 pin to 40 pin interface thing from an RX02 in 
a box, I'm not using it as I am going from the pdp11's RX01 straight to 
the drive's controller. That should give you the pinout, want to borrow it?


On 2/18/2020 10:02 PM, Bill Degnan via cctech wrote:
> Looking for a DECMATE (VT-278 model) RX278 Floppy Drive Interface Connector
> cable, part number is RC26N-2L  It's a 37 male-25 pin male cable.
> Here is photo I took of one (not mine)
> I have the pinouts for the 37-pin end but not the 25-pin end.   If no one
> has a cable I can do a continuity test of the cable next time I have access
> one, but it's not easily available.
> I am located near Philadelphia.
> Thanks
> Bill

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