Teac FD-54

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sat Feb 15 12:38:16 CST 2020

On 2/12/20 4:49 AM, Patrick Finnegan via cctalk wrote:
> I've got a couple of Teac FD-54B's that appear to have problems with their
> index sensors. Does anyone have any docs for these? The internet seems to
> barely know they exist vs the FD-55, which has info everywhere. I'm thrown
> off a bit by the 3 wire phototransistor (vs the common 2 wire ones) they
> they use, and I haven't quite disassembled it enough to figure out a part #
> for that.

Herb Johnson (retrotechnology) has a service manual; also look in the
Tandy 1000 service manual--ISTR that there's an FD54 techref buried
somewhere in the middle of that thing.


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