Sun external SMD cables

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>> I supplied part numbers. How can I be more specific?
> Oddly, some of us do not have a mental look-up table of Sun part
> numbers. In fact I think I can safely say that I could not identify a
> single cable of any form for any machine ever made by its part number.
> If you can, good for you.

I read the label attached to the cable.

I could tell you what connectors are at each end of the cable, but I couldn’t tell you how they are wired together and, having no docs on the cable or an example to check, am dependent on the part number to tell me that.


> But if someone, say, told me "I need some SCSI cables: a MD50 to MD68
> cable, 2 × MD68 to MD68, an MD50 terminator and ideally a DB25 to
> MD50," then I would be able to say "yes, I have some of those".
> However, since Jim has been a bit more forthcoming, it sounds like I
> can't help you.
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