Sun external SMD cables

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On 2/13/20 9:56 AM, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote:
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>> Anyone here have a set of Sun external SMD cables (530-1079 and 530-1080) that they can loan or want to sell?
>> I ordered from a set from MemoryX at the beginning of Jan. They haven’t arrived and MemoryX isn’t answering my e-mail asking what’s up.
> Can you be a bit more specific?

I supplied part numbers. How can I be more specific?

> I have a box of old Sun SCSI cables I
> set aside more or less for this reason, as I gave away or sold all my
> Sun kit.  I am afraid I don't know the exact part numbers offhand, but
> if you can describe what you're looking for, I'll know whether it's
> worth going digging.

They are d-sub male connectors on both ends. Data a single is 25-pin 
cable, but I have two drives. so ideally need two. Command is a pair of 
cables, one 25-pin and the other 37-pin. I don't know if the pins are 
straight through or whether they do any swapping from one end to the other.


> FWIW, I'm in Prague, Czechia. Happy enough to package well and post
> anywhere if you're paying. :-D
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