Wire list for the RKV11-D Qbus RK05 controller backplane anywhere?

steven at malikoff.com steven at malikoff.com
Wed Feb 12 18:59:46 CST 2020

Noel said
>     > From: Jay Jaeger
>     > Yeah, info does seem to be scarce.  Not even in my LEVAX fiche set.
> My fiche set has the Technical Manual, and also (in the wirelist
> section) the wirelist.
> Not sure how to get it to you, though. I stuck it in my industrial-grade
> scanner at its highest resolution; no go. I suppose I could take photos
> of it displayed on my fiche reader?
> Or is there some device I can buy which is less than a zillion dollars which
> can scan fiche? There are a number of things in my set (e.g. the BA11-N Tech
> Manual) which aren't online, and would be useful to have.
>     > That fourth card (M7268) is apparently a connector card for the Q-Bus
>     > and drive bus.
> Yes, but actually there are 6 cards: the M7269 is a dual card which goes
> into the QBUS backplane, and the M993-YA which goes into the first RK05,
> to convert from the two flat cables which come from the M7268.
>     > From: Al Kossow
>     > Also, it is only 18 bits.
> Actually, only 16-bit DMA addresses, I'm pretty sure.
> 	Noel

Wow, that would be great. Would a camera with a Bowden cable trigger set up on a
tripod in a darkened room be sufficient for imaging the fiche reader screen? I know
it wouldn't be Bitsavers quality but any doc is better than no doc.

Also I'm ok with the RKV11 being 16 bit, my Qbus CPUs only extend to an LSI-11/2
and 11/03 board with 4KW anyway.


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