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Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Wed Feb 12 14:55:48 CST 2020

As seen on PDP-8 Lovers list:

> From: "Jones, Douglas W" <douglas-w-jones at uiowa.edu>
> To: PDP8-Lovers <PDP8-Lovers at dbit.com>
> Subject: [PDP8-Lovers] Book on punched cards
> A new book has come out that I helped create:
>   Print Punch
>   published by CentreCentre, London
>   40 pounds sterling for the special edition (print run, 100 books)
>   30 pounds sterling for the regular edition (print run, 700 books)
> Here is the publisher's book list:
> -- https://centrecentre.co.uk/collections/frontpage
> The book includes 178 images of punched cards from my collection, mostly featuring corporate logos or business forms from around the world.  The expensive special edition differs from the regular edition only in:  A different color of cover, the addition of a big fat rubber band, and the inclusion of an actual punched card from my stock of spare cards.
> The IBM archives also provided lots of content and there are some essays by others.  It's a nice coffee table book, and a good way for me to make the content of my punched card collection more widely available.
> It definitely counts as an art book, not a technical reference, but still, it seems at least tangentially relevant here.
> 		Doug Jones
> 		jones at cs.uiowa.edu
> PS:  They paid me, if you can call it that, with a few copies of the regular edition.  I don't expect any royalty checks as a result of the astounding sales bump this e-mail will certainly produce as people rush to buy a useless but pretty book.
> PPS:  Yes, if you really want to, you may forward this e-mail anywhere you want.  Don't bother asking my permission.

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