Making use of Panda dist TOPS20

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> I'm trying to wrap my head around getting Mark Crispin's Panda
> Distribution of TOPS20 set up such that I can actually make use of a
> TOPS20 environment.
> 1) How do I get networking set up, preferably such that it'll work on a
> host that's given a DHCP address that could vary?  I'd like to be able to
> ssh to a specific port and then be connected to a terminal on the emulated
> machine.

I last did it back in 2003, but I remember having to plug a real DEC
terminal into a serial port on my Linux box so I could run emacs so I
could edit some local files.  Just using the xterm window wasn't
VT100/ANSI-compatible enough to run emacs without odd formatting

I totally do not remember exactly what I did, but it was the standard
recipe for setting up TCP/IP with a static address on TOPS-20,
pointing it to the IP address of a physical interface on the box (I
might have had multiple interfaces to simplify things).


> 2) How do I set or alter a regular user's disk quota?
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