Pleas ID this IBM system....

Adrian Stoness tdk.knight at
Tue May 21 12:03:14 CDT 2019

all systems have their advantages disadvantages it all depends on what your
doing and designs u choose. personaly i think raised floor and tray above
are best then u keep all ur power below away from ur data lines plus but
then ur setup is only as good as the lazyest tech u get comming in running

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> > You definitely need a raised floor
> > for a data center. You need it for forced air cooling and for running the
> > water and condensate pipes.
> Ductwork doesn't have to be below the floor. Modern co-lo facilities that I
> have been in (such as Switch Supernap) don't have a raised floor.
> Plumbing (unless you're doing aisle containment or RDHx) shouldn't run
> through the IT space in the data center.
> Cooling water to racks should be dewpoint adjusted, so you don't need
> condensate drains inside the DC.
> And overhead trays are much more difficult to
> > work with if you want to lay new cables because you have to climb up and
> > down the ladder all the time, moving the ladder from here to there and
> > back to here...
> >
> I solved that by having multiple ladders. In my experience, it's a lot
> easier than trying to reach through a cluttered raised floor under racks.
> The only good reason that I have seen in this thread for a raised floor is
> to match older equipment that routes cables downwards.
> Pat
> >

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