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> You definitely need a raised floor
> for a data center. You need it for forced air cooling and for running the
> water and condensate pipes.

Ductwork doesn't have to be below the floor. Modern co-lo facilities that I
have been in (such as Switch Supernap) don't have a raised floor.

Plumbing (unless you're doing aisle containment or RDHx) shouldn't run
through the IT space in the data center.

Cooling water to racks should be dewpoint adjusted, so you don't need
condensate drains inside the DC.

And overhead trays are much more difficult to
> work with if you want to lay new cables because you have to climb up and
> down the ladder all the time, moving the ladder from here to there and
> back to here...

I solved that by having multiple ladders. In my experience, it's a lot
easier than trying to reach through a cluttered raised floor under racks.

The only good reason that I have seen in this thread for a raised floor is
to match older equipment that routes cables downwards.



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