Network cards and Win98SE

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> One other problem I have with the term "gaming adapter" is the overuse
> by the marketeers of the term "gaming".   So we have gaming systems,
> keyboards, monitors, mice, chairs and probably coffee cups.  The original
> meaning of "to game" is "manipulate (a situation), typically in
> a way that is unfair or unscrupulous."   Perhaps the term when used by
> marketers, is apt.

To me roughly translated, "Gaming" means we have made it 1% faster and doubled the price.
Most of the documents refer to this as Access Point Client Mode or Wireless Client Mode. Its been around for a long time.
Many Access Points will work in client mode I first used it for gaming, well for my sons gaming with a cheap TP link box for his playstation
I still have one for my TV box which only has a wired connection

> Reminds me of the overuse of "turbo".
> --Chuck


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