TMSCP docs?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sun May 12 18:05:50 CDT 2019

I've been working on an MSCP controller implemented on top of Joerg Hoppe's
Unibone and that's been going fairly well, modulo a few oddities here and
there (if you have a Unibone and want to beta-test it, it's up at

It'd be nice to extend it to do TMSCP as well.  Is there an equivalent to
the "MSCP Basic Disk Functions Manual" (AA-L619A-TK) for TMSCP?  I can
probably glean most of the information I need from various *nix device
driver sources out there, but it'd be nice to have the definitive reference
on hand, and so far it's been eluding me.  But maybe I'm just not looking
hard enough...


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