PDP-11/40 available, Arizona

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Thu May 9 12:14:49 CDT 2019

I have no affiliation with the person who owns these items, I'm merely
relaying information.  These machines were offered to the LCM+L but we've
met our 11/40 quota :).  We figured someone here might be able to provide a
good home, and the seller asked us to pass the offer along.  Contact
information is below:

kristina.kaur at mac.com

List of items offered:
DEC PDP 11/40 from approx 1973
Other associated equipment may include punch card machine (key punch), tape
drive(s), free standing dot matrix printer, terminals (approx. 12).

Condition of items:
Very good condition. Running or close to running. Most peripherals have
been offline and stored.

How have these items been used and/or stored?:
Running in filtered air. Desert, dry climate.

Extent or weight of these items:
The DEC PDP is 6-8 cabinets.

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