Ill NLS MS-230

allison allisonportable at
Mon Jul 29 21:24:01 CDT 2019

On 7/29/19 9:34 PM, Jim Brain via cctalk wrote:
> I have an ill NLS MS-230 Miniscope.  Is there anyone on list that might
> be interested in getting it running for me?  I'm willing pay for the
> privilege.  I'd like to see the unit working, but I have no experience
> with analog scopes, and I'd rather just entrust it to someone who can
> see it to success.  I did replace the batteries and let it charge for
> quite a while.  The red LED lights up on the front when on, but no sign
> of a trace, even when fed a known good 1kHz wave.  The CRT does not
> appear to be on.
> Anyone a fan of these units and might be interested in taking a look?
> Jim

I have a MS15 miniscope that has been my backup since '77.  Good tool
and I got that one in "not working" condition. I've worked on a few
MS-215s over the years.  Right now I'm up to my eyes with stuff to do
but but if no one answers you, maybe in the late fall (after October).

If you don't have the manual its on BAMA and a few other sites.

Since you replaced the batteries did you check the fuse?  Also the 4066s
sometimes get cranky and/or the sockets.

The tough fail would be the CRT. Check the heater pins with a multimeter
to see if its open (unplug it as there is a transformer winding across
it).  Mine needed one when I got it but they were available then (1977)
from NLS. Side effect of the hammer mechanic owner.  Now it would be a
hunt though old tube brokers.


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