Ill NLS MS-230

Jim Brain brain at
Mon Jul 29 20:34:27 CDT 2019

I have an ill NLS MS-230 Miniscope.  Is there anyone on list that might 
be interested in getting it running for me?  I'm willing pay for the 
privilege.  I'd like to see the unit working, but I have no experience 
with analog scopes, and I'd rather just entrust it to someone who can 
see it to success.  I did replace the batteries and let it charge for 
quite a while.  The red LED lights up on the front when on, but no sign 
of a trace, even when fed a known good 1kHz wave.  The CRT does not 
appear to be on.

Anyone a fan of these units and might be interested in taking a look?


Jim Brain
brain at

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