Computer Reset shop, liquidation. (USA)

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Wed Jul 17 11:26:40 CDT 2019

> Eh, friends of mine were talking about that place like 2 months prior to
> LGR's video.

Yes, some of us were called on the first day the whole thing developed.

> Just remember, it's not the only one. There are likely to be
> similar places around flyover America.

Yes, I realize this. Much of my business is estate and failed business

> As long as the crap goes into nerd hands versus the landfill, so be it?

Oh, and don't forget THE OWNER AND FAMILY. It is about them, right?
They are the primary beneficiaries of whatever happens to the pile. We
should be grateful to them.

> "Me only." So people are upset that the magic well was exposed.

No, it is about "control". Back, two months ago or so, the group that
knew and were visiting CR was fairly small  - maybe a few hundred
people, most collectors and/or dealers, many knowing each other.
Misfits could likely be pointed out, maybe so an eye could be kept on
them. But now that it has world exposure, everyone knows about it,
including potentially every scrap thief in the DFW area. They now know
the backstory if they see the video and do some research beyond
Youtube. And they will know when the place will be opened, and when it
will be closed. They will know the internal layout of the place. They
might know, with the family in such a state, the alarm may or may not

Pull up a trailer, hire 10 migrant workers, forge some papers saying
they are a hired contractor (just in case someone gets nosey), and in
a day every bit of electronics is gone. There is plenty there to make
them a good buck on scrap. All this can happen in the blink of an eye.

What do you think the owner and family would get out of that scenario?
Remember the owner and family?

Yes, this happens all the time. Fake contractors break into and empty
storage lockers all them time - even modern ones with video and such.
Even full one family houses get hit. A few houses down from my old
place, some fake movers did just that - cleared a whole house while
the owner was on vacation. And this was in a nice neighborhood, during
a nice day during a normal week. No one said a word to the cops until
it was all over.

> Just be happy that anyone cares about old useless computers?

I am very happy that the guys stepped up to liquidate the place, and I
think they are doing a great job. The LGR video is not really helping
them, and greatly increased the chances for a disaster.

Oh, I did not mention how some of those misfits can throw their own
wrenches in the works. Piss one of them off and he calls the Fire
Marshall. Some dick did that when I was cleaning out Compass so many
years ago (if you remember the Compass Teletype cleanout in NJ, you
have been on this list too long!), and delayed things for a couple of


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