Box of HP 1000 series MUX cards - 12040

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Sun Jul 14 13:04:28 CDT 2019

On 7/14/2019 12:41 PM, Guy Dunphy via 
cctalk wrote:
> At 12:38 AM 14/07/2019 -0400, Jesse Dougherty wrote:
>> Whats your deal dude? I'm not trolling anyone. I have hundreds of these
>> boards here.. I don't need 170 HP 1000 Series MUX cards. They just don't
>> sell that often for me to hold on to. What else do you want me to do
>> with them. Its crazy that you are insanely upset that I cross posted on
>> here. If you want working 12040, I have 87 more after those. We strip
>> down system, build custom 1k boxes, sell parts, and buy parts.. kind of
>> what we do.
> OK, I'll explain without so much sarcasm, what you've done and why it's offensive.
> <snip>
> To us, it's _painful_ to see all those boards being treated so.
> Summary:
>   * We see them as likely already broken. Deliberately broken. Vandalized. By you.
>   * And if by a miracle some are not already broken, they're very likely to
>     be broken after you handle them some more and ship them.
>   * In this context, your asking price is an insult.
>   * It's probably even an insult to gold scrappers.
>   * Which suggestes that you're a bit irrational. This isn't going to
>     raise interest.
> <snip>
> Guy

Just my 2 cents as a fellow 1000 (2113E) owner that wasn't offended by his post.  1st, they're his boards.  2nd, they're essentially useless MUX boards.   The only value they might have to me is in the individual parts populating the boards themselves, which might be cannibalized to save useful boards.

Not everything can be saved.

- J.

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