Box of HP 1000 series MUX cards - 12040

Guy Dunphy guykd at
Sun Jul 14 12:41:30 CDT 2019

At 12:38 AM 14/07/2019 -0400, Jesse Dougherty wrote:
>Whats your deal dude? I'm not trolling anyone. I have hundreds of these 
>boards here.. I don't need 170 HP 1000 Series MUX cards. They just don't 
>sell that often for me to hold on to. What else do you want me to do 
>with them. Its crazy that you are insanely upset that I cross posted on 
>here. If you want working 12040, I have 87 more after those. We strip 
>down system, build custom 1k boxes, sell parts, and buy parts.. kind of 
>what we do.

OK, I'll explain without so much sarcasm, what you've done and why it's offensive.

This is a forum for people who appreciate and like restoring and preserving
classic computers. Almost by definition, classic computers (eg HP 1000)
and their parts are rare to find in good/working condition. Also they
don't have any commercial use, so prices are totally set by 'collectibles'
market factors. And often are simply passed among like-minded people, for free.

Most of us old guys have spent a lifetime trying and often failing, to save
splendid old gear from destruction by bean-counter mentality types. Who think
gear should either be in use making money, or destroyed as soon as possible
to clear the way for other money-making systems.

Now here you are, stripping boards from systems, chucking the boards in a
deep pile in a box (likely breaking small parts off most of them), putting
the box on ebay for 'gold scrap' but at a flat non-negotiable price that is
surely way above the actual worth of the gold.

Then acting like you're doing us a favor by letting us know of your offering.

Also you have just confirmed that you don't want them and basically want
to get rid of them. But you STILL haven't said anything about the $600 being

>From your wording in both posts, it's obvious there'd be no chance of you
taking any care to ship the boards in a way to avoid further damage if someone
did buy them from you. By your actions so far, and manner, it's clear you
regard them as absolute junk, fit only to be destroyed for gold recovery.

To us, it's _painful_ to see all those boards being treated so.


 * We see them as likely already broken. Deliberately broken. Vandalized. By you.
 * And if by a miracle some are not already broken, they're very likely to
   be broken after you handle them some more and ship them.
 * In this context, your asking price is an insult.
 * It's probably even an insult to gold scrappers.
 * Which suggestes that you're a bit irrational. This isn't going to
   raise interest.

No one has snapped up your generous ebay offer. Not even the gold recovery guys.

I have a HP1000 system, and I'm in Australia, where such hardware is incredibly
rare unobtainium. My system was rescued from a contract scrappers where it was about
to be smashed and landfilled, minus probably the aluminum in the old HP racks.
You're behaving in much the same way.

I do know the guys running that place felt sad about destroying cool old things.
Do you?


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