5 1/4 diskettes available

Guy Dunphy guykd at optusnet.com.au
Sat Jul 13 22:30:58 CDT 2019

At 06:43 PM 13/07/2019 -0700, you wrote:
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diogenes

>Without the exact zipcodes and weight, can't get exact postage.
>However, it is likely to be "zone 6", for which parcel post for 1 pound is 
>$7.62.  There are ways of getting some discounts, such as online ordering 
>of postage, instead of the counter at the post office.
>A Priority Mail small flat rate box would be $7.50
>A Priority Mail flat rate envelope is $6.95, but rather tight.
>So, the postage might be a LITTLE low, but not by much.

Oh good, so it wasn't a loss for them. Thanks.
Btw I emailed them and also asked what kind of quantity of those floppies
they have, and would they do bulk deals at the original price. 'For a friend'.
Still doing my best to keep driving the price up. :)

>Plato defined "MAN" as "featherless biped".
>So, Diogenes handed him a plucked chicken.
>Plato refined his definition to include broad toenails.
>Plato said that Diogenes was "A Socrates gone mad".

Plato was a humorless twat. Diogenes sounds like a really cool dude.
Today he would have been a hero-level philosophical Troll. Perhaps a great
leader for Gen-Z. Certainly Twitter and Facebook would have banned him,
and Amazon would be working on hunter-killer drones just for Diogenes.

>Nothing that Diogenes wrote has survived, so we rely on third party 
>accounts, mostly by those who were adherents of others.
>Alexander The Great asked Diogenes what he could do for him.
>"Move over; you're blocking my sun."

One of my favorites.

I'd like to get a print of that Waterhouse painting, Diogenes, the pot, and lamp.


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