5 1/4 diskettes available

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Sat Jul 13 20:43:28 CDT 2019

On Sat, 13 Jul 2019, Guy Dunphy via cctalk wrote:

>> They confirmed my order. Fingers crossed they actually ship them, and it doesn't
>> turn into an argument about honoring transactions. Though probably, a higher postage
>> cost would be fair. 88 floppies and covers will weigh a bit. (Should have bought 100.)
>> 4 Pack of 5.25" Floppy Diskettes with Sleeves
>> COM1147   22   $0.89    $19.58
>> Subtotal:               $19.58
>> Shipping & Handling:     $6.95
>> Tax:                     $0.00
>> Order Total:            $26.53
> They DID ship them. Just received notice of shipment.
> You know, the postage from Garland, Texas to LA, CA for a box of 88 floppies would
> have been more than $6.95. How much more, I don't know.
> Could they have made a loss on that transaction, hence the price bump?
>> That's not the same BG Micro we bought stuff from in the
>> early 80's, is it?
>> bill
>> The one with the yellow photocopied catalog?  That's the same one.
>> The owner/founder passed away a year or two ago and I believe his daughter is running it now.
>> Will
> Can anyone estimate the likely US postage for that package? Please let me know.
> If BG Micro are badly out on that transaction, I'll contact them and make it up to them.
> Would not if it was some big corp, but BG Micro are clearly honest. Such a rarity.
> Funny, I was thinking of Diogenes and his lantern just the other day.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diogenes

Without the exact zipcodes and weight, can't get exact postage.
However, it is likely to be "zone 6", for which parcel post for 1 pound is 
$7.62.  There are ways of getting some discounts, such as online ordering 
of postage, instead of the counter at the post office.
A Priority Mail small flat rate box would be $7.50
A Priority Mail flat rate envelope is $6.95, but rather tight.

So, the postage might be a LITTLE low, but not by much.
I don't know how much the online discount is.
I don't know how much UPS currently charges.
I don't know how much Fedex currently charges.

Plato defined "MAN" as "featherless biped".
So, Diogenes handed him a plucked chicken.
Plato refined his definition to include broad toenails.

Plato said that Diogenes was "A Socrates gone mad".

Nothing that Diogenes wrote has survived, so we rely on third party 
accounts, mostly by those who were adherents of others.

Alexander The Great asked Diogenes what he could do for him.
"Move over; you're blocking my sun."

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