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> So here's one I'm not sure anyone else will catch: TFTP has an email mode!

I knew about that one. :-)  Did anyone other than CSR ever use it?

Not much airplane news.  I've spent some time chasing down wheels and
brakes for the Galaxie.  The designer is planning to use hubs and brakes
designed for trailers and farm implement tires on his.  I was preferring
more aircraft parts so I went off to find what I could in that
direction.  It was more difficult than expected but, in the end, I have
a plan that I think will work well.  The final part is axles and the
designer says that with the specs I've found, he can machine up what I need.

Been hearing more interest in running a KiCAD class at the MakerSpace so
the past few days I've been putting together a more detailed outline of
what I want to do there.  One of the things I came across is "back
annotation" which is something I've wanted a few times.  This is where I
do design-work on the circuit board and push that back to the
schematic.  Where I've wanted it in the past is in wiring up connectors
or the LEDs on the indicator panel boards.  In many cases I don't
particularly care which goes to where as far as the electronics go but I
want to make my life easier with the board layout.  On the QSIC I've had
that with wiring which bus drivers go to which bus signals and I will
have it big time with wiring between the FPGA and the bus.  Except for a
couple signals that need to go to clock inputs on the FPGA, the rest all
just go to any old I/O pin.  Need to go learn this back annotation thing
before starting that.

I have tinkered with the QSIC circuit board design some more and have
the bus drivers all routed.  I didn't know about back annotation so I
just did that by hand.  That is, I look at the circuit board to see what
signals are crossed and flip back to the schematic to swap signals
around and then back to the circuit board until everything routed easily
as possible.  It was a pain but it's done and seems like a good job.

I've also taken a stab at routing the signals from the FPGA to the
memory chip.  That's a new and interesting challenge.  I've almost been
able to do it with a 4-layer board.

That plastic supply place that I'd talked about?  Turns out I had a
brain fart reading their webpage and it's not in New London like I was
thinking but Londonderry.  That means an hour and a half drive rather
than a half hour drive.  Sigh.  At least it's still in the state.

I heard a bit more from Greg up in Kantishna.  He had an AVM and a small
brain bleed but says it's all fixed up now.  Still, he's grounded for at
least a year and was asking about fill-in pilots.  I thought about it
some and decided that I could go up later in the summer say August
sometime, and then finish out the season.  He'd put the work out to a
bunch of people and, last news I had, he was covered for now.

And, holy crap, there was another accident in Ketchikan.  No fatalities
on this one, fortunately, but it was the company that shares the dock
with us so I almost certainly know the pilot.  Damn.  They'd just
rebuilt that plane last winter too.

I hope your summer is going well and you got lots of wood out of that
tree that almost crushed your house.


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