Classic / NOP machines becoming available in Berlin (inc. DECs, Commodores, Apples, HPs, SGIs and more)

shadoooo shadoooo at
Wed Jul 3 12:30:23 CDT 2019

Hello Peter,
you have a nice list of interesting things.

I'm very interested in DEC machines,
which I collect and repair for preservation purposes.
Among others, I could be interested in those:

assorted QBUS boards (do you have a list?)
VAX 4000/90A
VAX 4000/96
VAX 4000/100A
VAX 4000/105
DEC RFxx disks, TK50 and TU58 tapes if available

Commodore dual FFDs 4040 or 3040

Possibly Amiga 1000/1200/2000 for a friend of mine.

I would have an idea about prices, however...
If you prefer, please contact me privately.

I see you here a long list of burnable ISOs. I already have several of
those, but it would be very nice to merge with yours... could you share
them somewhere over the net?


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