Classic / NOP machines becoming available in Berlin (inc. DECs, Commodores, Apples, HPs, SGIs and more)

Peter Dreisiger prd at
Wed Jul 3 08:22:43 CDT 2019

On 3 Jul 2019, at 14:10, Peter Dreisiger <prd at> wrote:

> ... finding people (or groups) with similar interests and plans would have been an equal-first priority, but given my more recent ‘life changes', sale price --- and the ability to better pursue my new focuses --- is now more of a factor.
> But before I list them on eBay (and/or by way of a heads up), I wanted to let people here know, just in case I have something that someone here particularly wants / needs / could use. The current list of systems I will be parting with is accessible at but some (hopefully) highlights include (*big breath*):

Argh, yet another apology, but responding to a few of the emails that have already come in, made me realise that I probably should’ve also stated:

If you are (or know) a developer of an open source machine emulator who could use one of these machines --- particularly one of the more obscure ones --- please do get in touch, as the prospect of people being able to keep older / rarer operating systems and software running once the physical machines are not longer available or working /is/ actually still kinda important to me.



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