OT: "half-dollar"/"50 cent piece" Was: Recovering the ROM of an IBM 5100 using OCR

Alan Perry aperry at snowmoose.com
Mon Jul 1 12:23:17 CDT 2019

On 7/1/19 10:01 AM, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote:
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>> I sold a $3500 car once for cash to a guy who sold his goods at a booth
>> at fairs and shows. He received lots and lots of $20 bills in payment,
>> so that is what he paid me with. I kept the cash instead of depositing
>> it in the bank and going to an ATM to get cash out.
> I hear that. I also bought a motorbike this way once. The dealers gave
> me a discount "for cash". I was naïve and thought that meant actual
> specie and turned up with £2000 in notes. The poor salesman nearly had
> an unfortunate little personal accident and was fearful his boss would
> give him grief for leaving so much in the company safe. He had merely
> meant "not for credit" and had expected a banker's draft or the like.
I had another car that I sold for $24000 where the buyer paid in cash. 
The largest denomination in circulation here is the $100 bill (note), so 
that was a stack of cash. That went into the bank (after taking some 
creative photos with the money). There are small bank branches in 
grocery stores here and I deposited the money at one of those kinds of 
branches. It was more cash than they were used to dealing with and they 
didn't want to take it.


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