"half-dollar"/"50 cent piece" Was: Recovering the ROM of an IBM 5100 using OCR

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> I sold a $3500 car once for cash to a guy who sold his goods at a booth
> at fairs and shows. He received lots and lots of $20 bills in payment,
> so that is what he paid me with. I kept the cash instead of depositing
> it in the bank and going to an ATM to get cash out.

I hear that. I also bought a motorbike this way once. The dealers gave
me a discount "for cash". I was naïve and thought that meant actual
specie and turned up with £2000 in notes. The poor salesman nearly had
an unfortunate little personal accident and was fearful his boss would
give him grief for leaving so much in the company safe. He had merely
meant "not for credit" and had expected a banker's draft or the like.

> Maybe for you. I did a group purchase of tickets for a club I am a
> member of.  Almost everyone paid me for their tickets paid with checks.
> I help organize motorsports events; my expenses are reimbursed with checks.

This matches what I've heard.

I suspect that my Czech bank probably lacks any facilities for
processing paper cheques whatsoever. I still used them occasionally in
Britain when I left, circa 2014, but they'd been very rare for ~5
years by then. In the noughties I still used them regularly and caused
some institutions -- e.g. my ISP -- quite serious operational problems
by doing so.

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